Catalina Island For The Day

Last weekend we decided to head over to Catalina Island for the day. Neither Matt or myself have been to Catalina or any of the Channel Islands, and apparently it is one of those things that every Southern Californian needs to do. We left out of Newport Beach on the Catalina Flyer ferry in the morning.

Ferry at dock

Catalina Flyer Ferry

It was a pretty rough ride over as a swell had shown up. I concentrated really hard on not getting sick, while Matt was taking pictures on the second deck.

Ferry boat heading to Catalina Island

Almost to Catalina Island

Pulling into Catalina Port

We made it to Catalina Island

Boats in Avalon Pier

Avalon Pier

After we disembarked the ferry and got rid of our sea legs, we walked to the Wrigley Botanical Gardens. On the way we stopped at the Catalina Island Conservancy for a little island environmental information.

Catalina Island Conservancy

Catalina Island Conservancy

We then continued up the hill to the gardens.

Wrigley Botanical Gardens

Wrigley Botanical Gardens

Cacti blooming yellow flowers at gardens

Cacti blooming

Top of Wrigley Memorial

Top of the Wrigley Memorial

Us at the top of the memorial

Us at the top of the memorial

After the botanical gardens we walked back down to Avalon and went to the Catalina Island Casino.

Avalon Pier view

Could not have asked for a more beautiful day

Catalina Island Casino

Catalina Island Casino

After we went to the museum at the Casino, it was pretty much time to head back to the ferry dock. We casually made our way back to the ferry where we then headed back to Newport Beach.

Leaving Catalina Island

Bye Catalina Island, until next time.

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