Adding Extra Seats

The biggest con of getting the cargo version of the Ford Transit is that it only comes with two front seats. With only two seats it makes hanging out in the “living room” hard to do. It also prevents us from taking friends with us on adventures.

So we added a Freeman Handi-Flip folding bench seat. Now Gidget has a total of 4 seats with seat belts.

We had help with the install to make sure it was safe. If you decide to install an aftermarket seat we strongly encourage you have it done professionally.

Spec Sheet

Spec sheet for the Handi-Flip bench seat.

We added some steel plates to the undercarriage of the van to provide extra reinforcement to the area the seat was to be mounted.

Carboard Templates

First we made cardboard templates.

Drill Press

A drill press was used to put holes in for the bolts.

Finished Steel Plates

Steel plates before being painted. We used thick 304L steel we picked up from a local metal supply store.

Floor Holes

This picture was taken from underneath the van looking up through the drilled holes. After drilling holes, we sanded and painted the edges black. The steel plates fit exactly within this rectangle without much clearance.


Inside before seat was set into place and bolted.

Seat In Closed Position

When the seat is in the closed position it takes up 11″ by 36″ of floor space.

Seat In The Open Position

When the seat is in the open position it takes up 24″ by 36″ of floor space.

The van floor cross members dictated where the seat could be installed. This resulted in a 12″ gap between the seat and the bed. In the next blog post we will show what we did about it.

Space Between Seat and Bed

After installing the folding seat we realized there was a large gap between the seat and the bed.


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    Dennis Purk November 12, 2017

    I am in the process of Converting a 2017 Transit and have been using many of your ideas. I really appreciate your sharing of information. One thing that I don’t see is any specifics about your refrigerator. I would really be interested any info you could give on how you selected a brand and how you connected it for power.

    Thanks, Dennis

    • Reply
      Matt November 12, 2017

      We have a TruckFridge ( which is a 12v low power fridge. It works really well and doesn’t use much power. It’s hooked up to our house battery through a fuse. I plan on doing a write up about the electrical system soon.

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