Indonesia – Asia Trip Part 2

After we finished up our time in Singapore, we headed to Padang, Indonesia. This city is where most of the charter boats to the Mentawai Islands leave from. We decided to stay in Padang for 2 nights. One to make sure we didn’t miss our boat, and two to make sure we were well rested before getting on the boat. Once we got off the airplane and got our bags, the Tengirri boat crew was waiting to take us to the hotel.

Ocean view room

View of the ocean from our hotel room.

We decided to walk around and see some of the area.

Guys at the Padang sign

Matt and Jesse at the Padang sign.

Girls at Padang sign

Girls in front of the Padang sign.

After our 2 day stay, the boat crew picked us up from the hotel and took us to the marina. We then loaded up all of our stuff on to a small boat and headed to the big boat.

Small boat to the big boat

All of us piled into the small boat.

Big boat

Tengirri boat waiting for us in the harbor.

Tengirri Boat Charter

Tengirri Boat

Once we got on the boat, the crew greeted us, we picked out our cabins, got our surfboards all set up, had a beer, and then settled in for a rough night crossing to the Mentawai Islands.

First night on the boat

Heading out of the harbor to the Mentawai Islands

We woke up to stormy conditions and rough seas, but that didn’t matter, we still headed into the water.

Matt surfing

Matt surfing at Moots

Matt surfing

Matt surfing at Moots

Matt surfing

Matt surfing at a break called Thunders on the 3rd day.

Matt paddling

Matt paddling back to the lineup. Look at that smile 😁

The first few days of the boat trip were pretty rough. We got some real stormy conditions, see the rain and chop on the water at Macaroni’s in the next photo.

surfing at Macaroni's

Matt surfing at Macaroni’s on Aug 25th.

I (Tricia) had a pretty rough time with the constant rocking of the boat. Luckily it ended up calming down around day 5 of the trip.

Indonesian islands

Indonesian islands

Look at that clear water and postcard looking island.

Man canoeing

Indonesia man canoeing around an island

Around day 5, we made our way over to a right hand reef break called Bintangs.

matt surfing

Matt surfing at Bintangs

matt surfing

Matt surfing at Bintangs

A few days later we made our way North to a break called Suicides. What an inviting name, right! It was home to a perfect right hand break that broke over a shallow reef. We got there about an hour before sunset. There was quite of bit of people out, but to our luck, about 20 minutes after we got there, they all got in boats and left so we had the break to ourselves till the sunset.

Matt surfing sucides at sunset

Matt surfing suicides surf break

Tricia surfing

Tricia surfing at suicides


Tricia watching sunset from her board

We decided to stay at that break for another day and got out in the water before anyone else in the morning.

Matt surfing at a reef break at sunrise

Matt surfing in the morning

Playing in the Mentawais with the #gopro @tengirrisurfcharters #ucp #icantunderstandaustralians #birdsound

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One of the last breaks we went to was called Goodtimes, and we did have a good time at it.

matt surfing at goodtimes

Matt surfing at Goodtimes

Tricia surfing

Tricia surfing at Goodtimes surf break

matt surfing switchfoot

Matt surfing switchfoot at Goodtimes

Exploring different islands

Exploring different islands

Overall it was a great trip. The food, accommodations, crew, and surf were top notch. It was extremely difficult to come home and put on a wetsuit again. Warm water and great waves will keep us longing to go back to Indonesia.

Group pictures

Us and the tengirri crew.

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