Rear Door Storage

An adventure van always needs more storage, you can never have enough, that’s probably the one thing we have learned while using Gidget.

Easily accessing surf related items from the back doors was an area that needed improvement so we added some mesh pockets to the back door.

Using panel removal tools we popped off the back driver side rear door. There are about 9 plastic push pins holding the panel to the door. If you go slow and work your way from the top to the bottom you can pop off the panel without damaging the push pins.

Bare Rear Door

Rear driver door with plastic panel removed.

We then took an over the door shoe organizer and cut off 2 rows of the mesh pockets. You might be able to fit 3 rows, but then some of the mesh pockets would hang low and might interfere with closing the door depending on the organizers you purchased.

The organizer is attached to the plastic panel using #6-32 x 3/8″ machine bolts, washers, and nuts. A total of 9 bolts are holding the mesh organizer: 3 at the top, 3 in the middle, and 3 at the bottom.

Bolt And Washer

Nine bolts hold the mesh pockets to the plastic panel.

The length of the bolts plus the washer is just short enough to not interfere with attaching the panel back to the van door.

Rear Door Storage

Completed additional rear door storage.

We’re using the door storage to hold small surf related things such as sunscreen, wax, and fins. So far it is working out pretty good but before we do the same treatment to the passenger door we are going to make sure this solution holds up.

Rear Door Storage

New storage filled up with miscellaneous surf gear.


  1. Reply
    Joey January 21, 2018

    What happened to the speaker? Can’t tell from the photo. Did you just remove it?

    • Reply
      Matt January 21, 2018

      It’s still there. Just behind the storage.

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