Creaks, Pops, Cracks, and Squeaks – Redoing The Bed

New creaks, pops, cracks, and squeaks are the last thing I want to hear while road testing a new addition to Gidget. We’re still early on in the conversion so any new noise we introduce is pretty noticeable and infuriating. When we added the bed a couple weeks back we wrote:

We are happy with how it turned out except when driving. Every little bump in the road results in a squeak. It kind of sounds like the metal is flexing where the wood attaches. Maybe we should have put something like felt in between the metal walls and the 2×6 wood? Or maybe we need to take some of the load off of the van walls with a support in the middle of the platform? We’re going to do some experiments to see if we can get the noise down.

After driving it around for a couple of weeks the squeaks reduced somewhat as everything settled but it was still pretty loud. After much debate we stopped being lazy and decided to disassemble the bed and do something about the noise.

We purchased felt (35% wool/65% rayon) from the local fabric store and attached it to the backside of the 2×6 bed rails. Now instead of wood on metal contact there is a thin layer of felt between the wood and metal.

Now there are no SQUEAKS!!! We have learned our lesson, there should not be direct contact between wood and the van metal.

Rough Cutting Felt

Rough cutting strips of felt on the back side of the 2x6s.

Cutting Felt

Cutting felt to the exact size.

Gluing Felt

Gluing the felt to the 2×6 with 3M 90 adhesive spray.


  1. Reply
    Jamie August 12, 2017

    Hey guys,

    trying to decide on my best setup for a low roof transit and like the simple approach you took. Are you at all worried about the load on the bed just being supported by the side panels and it not being transferred down through the floor? Do you feel the side panels with 4 bolts are strong enough to hold the load of two people after long term use??

    • Reply
      Matt August 12, 2017

      Yes, it’s very strong. I’m not worried about at all.

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    Alan Bourne August 28, 2017

    Thank you for sharing. This is exactly how I intend putting my bed in.

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