Roof Rack and Ladder

For extra storage and a place to mount the solar panel we decided to install an Aluminess roof rack and ladder. From order to install took about 2.5 months. Actual installation took about 5 hours at the Aluminess headquarters in San Diego.

Aluminess Roof Rack

Gidget outside of Aluminess’s headquarters showing off her new rack.

Aluminess Roof Rack

Moments before mounting the rack on Gidget.

Aluminess Roof Rack and Ladder

Ladder on the drivers side allows quick access to the rack.

Aluminess Roof Rack and Ladder

Another angle of the ladder.

Roof Rack Drawing

Layout of the rack we sent to Aluminess before ordering.


  1. Reply
    Simon November 14, 2017

    How much do you find yourself using the roof rack for storage? It looks awesome but I wonder how much practical storage is up there since you don’t want to shadow the panel much.

    • Reply
      Matt November 15, 2017

      For extended boondocking trips we store extra fuel and tools on the rack. We never store anything too tall that it would cast a shadow on the panel. There is a decent amount of storage up there.

  2. Reply
    Jeff.aier December 21, 2017

    How is the solar panel affixed to the rack?

    • Reply
      Matt December 21, 2017

      Aluminess did the mounting of the solar panel when they installed the rack for us. They used aluminum angle to make cross members the exact size needed to fit the panel.

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