Indonesia – Asia Trip Part 2

After we finished up our time in Singapore, we headed to Padang, Indonesia. This city is where most of the charter boats to the Mentawai Islands leave from. We decided to stay in Padang for 2 nights. One to make sure we didn’t miss our boat, and two to make sure we were well rested before getting on the boat. Once we got off the airplane and got our bags, the Tengirri boat crew was waiting to take us to the hotel.

Build A Surfboard Rack For Your Van

Building a surfboard rack for your van allows you to pull up to your favorite break and pick the right board for the given conditions. It’s pretty awesome being able to do a surf check and have a large part of your quiver available.

After watching a couple Youtube videos it was pretty easy to come up with the plan for Gidget’s surfboard rack. It’s basically just your typical wall mounted rack, but mounted to the floor. The boards are being stored horizontally under the bed, so we created 2 racks to keep them in place.

Singapore – Asia Trip Part 1

One of our bucket list trips was going on a surfing boat trip around the Mentawai Islands off the coast of Indonesia. The boat trip was 12 days, so we decided to make it a long vacation and stop in Singapore on the way there.

Unfortunately this trip required us to leave Gidget in Southern California. I’m sure she was lonely sitting in the LAX airport parking lot for 3 weeks. It made us sad to leave her there, but sometimes you just got to get away.

We started our trip off by getting on an A380 double decker Singapore Airlines flight.

Creaks, Pops, Cracks, and Squeaks – Redoing The Bed

New creaks, pops, cracks, and squeaks are the last thing I want to hear while road testing a new addition to Gidget. We’re still early on in the conversion so any new noise we introduce is pretty noticeable and infuriating. When we added the bed a couple weeks back we wrote:

We are happy with how it turned out except when driving. Every little bump in the road results in a squeak. It kind of sounds like the metal is flexing where the wood attaches. Maybe we should have put something like felt in between the metal walls and the 2×6 wood? Or maybe we need to take some of the load off of the van walls with a support in the middle of the platform? We’re going to do some experiments to see if we can get the noise down.

After driving it around for a couple of weeks the squeaks reduced somewhat as everything settled but it was still pretty loud. After much debate we stopped being lazy and decided to disassemble the bed and do something about the noise.

Adding A Bed To Gidget

When planning out our van build we knew we didn’t want to have to make the bed every night. We also wanted plenty of storage space under the bed and in overhead cabinets. A platform bed was really the only option.

To save space we decided to install it width wise in the back of the van. In the side cutouts of the van, there was exactly enough room to install a full size mattress.

How-To Install A Vinyl Floor In Your Van

We spent a couple days replacing the soft stock floor mat with a plywood and vinyl floor. The stock mat is not the best foundation to build a bed and cabinets on top of. And it doesn’t give you that cozy home feeling. Instead it gives off a work van vibe, not the killer adventure van feeling we want.

We went with a rather thin floor with minimal insulation so that the D-ring bolt holes are still usable.

Ford Transit Cabin Air Filter Install

Surprisingly the Ford Transit doesn’t come with a cabin air filter even though there is a place for one. I’m guessing the filter was either left out due to cost or because of performance. Maybe with the filter in there the blower isn’t powerful enough ¯\(°_o)/¯ .

Not to worry, you can just buy a filter and install it yourself. The Baldwin PA30000 is the correct filter and can be bought from Amazon.

We’re On YouTube

Sometimes a video does a much better job telling a story or explaining something than pictures and words can. So we now have a YouTube Channel and our first video is about installing a fan on Gidget’s roof. Let us know in the comments what you think of the video.

Catalina Island For The Day

Last weekend we decided to head over to Catalina Island for the day. Neither Matt or myself have been to Catalina or any of the Channel Islands, and apparently it is one of those things that every Southern Californian needs to do. We left out of Newport Beach on the Catalina Flyer ferry in the morning.

Joshua Tree For National Park Week

We took Gidget to Joshua Tree this past weekend to test out her off road abilities and because it’s National Park Week.

She did great on the easy Geology Tour trail and made it through about 60% of the way through the Berdoo Canyon trail. We had to turn back due to lack of ground clearance.