Redoing The Bed A Third Time

Originally we installed the bed perpendicular to maximize the space in the living room of Gidget. This was never ideal as we are both pretty tall (Matt 5’11” – Tricia 5’10”), but we could have made it work. After the original install it squeaked like crazy so we even redid the whole platform.

When we installed the folding bench seat, we were left with a large gap between the bed and the seat. This created the perfect opportunity to turn the bed parallel in the van to give us more sleeping room. Third time’s a charm, right?

Folding Seat

The bed in the original perpendicular orientation.

Space Between Seat and Bed

After installing the folding seat we realized there was a large gap between the seat and the bed.

We removed the mattress and plywood. We had to cut new pieces of plywood for the platform in order to extend the bed.

Bed platform and seat

The bed/plywood now goes all the way to the slider door opening, right behind to the folding seat.

Detail View of Corner

The rear corners of the platform now follow the corners of the van.

Parallel Bed Layout

Parallel layout compared to the original perpendicular layout.

Finished Bed

This picture is showing off the finished bed as well as the rest of build.

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